Okay, So, Discretion is Indeed the Better Part of Valor…

And Simon and I have agreed to not name and shame our plumbers on the internet until we see our legal position.

So, if you live in Northern Ireland and want to know who they are? Private message me on FB or Twitter or wherever you know me from and I’ll tell you who to stay away from.

And stay tuned to hear about other stuff.



Happy Christmas and a Lovely New Year

Number one resolution? Write more blog posts again.

Number two resolution? Launch my Etsy shop with knitting patterns.

Yes, I now design knitting. I’ve got a baby cardigan, a scarf and I’m working on a hat. I hope to have gloves and a scarf soon. New dimension to Designed To A Tee. 😀

Also coming up are a brand new website, designed from the back to the front from moi and maybe some greeting card designs.

So here’s to 2014. May it be happy and fruitful for all.

All Of These Half Written Drafts

That I can’t seem to finish.

So much crap going on in the world that I want to rage about but can’t find the energy.

Appointments for Adam as we head to some sort of SN diagnoses taking up so much head space.


Looking for clients.

Tired of potential clients not returning phone calls or emails.

Life is just pretty much not great right now.

Maybe I’ll write about it next week.

In Which I Propose A Test

A test to allow people to use the internet.

It is one question:

Do you believe everything you read online?

Answer: Yes.

Your ISP account is removed never to be reinstalled.

Answer: No.

You may continue to use the ‘net.

This is a multi use test that can also be used in regards to newspapers, magazines and books.

In other words: THINK PEOPLE.

If something sounds unbelievable? Don’t believe it.

Here endeth the lesson.

I Am Stuck…

I have something I want to say. I’m not sure I should say it.

That makes a lot of people snigger. They seem to think I am never at a loss for words and/or say everything that comes into my head.

That’s not true.

Is your mind now boggling as to what I may actually be keeping to myself?



So you may have noticed that the last few posts have had very little to do with me and my family and my health and more about the wider world.

Honestly? I was boring myself. How many times can you write about how ill you are? I’m also becoming very aware that Adam is becoming his own person and has an inherent right to privacy, even though I honestly believe most privacy is gone.

So I’m changing the focus of the blog.

I’m going to start leaning more towards the political and social rather than the personal.

Of course there will still be personal posts.

But posts will be further apart (as they have been) and be of a more political slant.

I hope you’ll stick around anyway and see what I have to say.

It could be interesting.