Made By A Tee (MBAT)

Made By A Tee used to be Knitted By A Tee.

I changed it when I started designing jewellery.

So. What was Knitted By A Tee (KBAT)?

Well, about 10 years ago, give or take, I was complaining of my arthritic hands, as I do, online and it was suggested bamboo needles and knitting could help. And this person who I’ve never met in real life asked me for my address. A few days later, some needles and some yarn arrived in the post. And a monster was born. 😀

I actually first learned to knit years ago. My Nana, my father’s mother, was a huge knitter. She knit everywhere all the time for any reason. I don’t think my mother bought me any sweaters when I was a kid as Nana would just knit them. She was wicked fast and always eager for her next project.

When I first learned I thought it was fun but never really went any further than a scarf.

All that has changed. I now design all my own patterns and sell patterns and finished products.

So drop me a line, I’m happy to make bespoke designs and love working with people to create something special just for them. I also may have something already available in ‘stock’ so just ask!

I also sew, crochet, do tapestry, try to spin (badly), weave, bead weave, and design jewellery. Most of my recent work, especially my jewellery is LGBTQAI+ oriented.