Welcome to Designed to a Tee!

Designed to a Tee is the parent company of Made  By A Tee and Tee’s Blog.

But who is Tee?

Me! Picture of a 49 year old woman with lots of make up on, stick up hair and a necklace of pride rings

My real name is Robyn Fraser and I live in Belfast with my Northern Irish husband and our half American half Northern Irish son. I am actually an American who moved to the UK in 2003 after meeting my husband on the internet.

Our son was born in 2009 and I started Designed To A Tee as a graphic arts company. In 2016 I began selling my knitting through Etsy and then Conscious Crafties. At this point both of those shops are closed. You can still buy from me, but you need to contact me directly! And now I split my time between graphics, knitting, sewing, writing, housewifing (It is too a word. I just wrote it didn’t I?), mothering, learning to crochet and spin and working part time as an Office Manager. The blog has been up since I moved to Belfast, more or less, and I write about all sorts of stuff.

But why Tee?

A very long time ago (2000) my sister in law had a baby. When that baby was learning to talk she kept asking for Tee. No one could figure who she meant. Until she called me Tee directly. Figuring Aunt Robyn or Auntie Robyn was too hard for her, I just shrugged and said, okay, I’m Tee.

That baby is now 22 and just graduated university. She’s taller than me. She is brilliant. She is an amazing young woman who is changing the world, one good cause at a time. She talks me into buying clothes for myself. And she loves that she named me Tee so long ago and now everything I do is under Tee.

For the record, her little sister is also brilliant. She is 19, also taller than me, and just finished her first year of a musical theatre program in NYC. That one talks me into jewellery and socks with elephants on them.

For the record, my son, who is 13, is also taller than me. Basically? Everyone is taller than me. I’m 5’2”. You’re probably taller than me!

In any case (I do go on, don’t I?), Tee she named me and Tee I am.

And you can join me here on the Blog, at my Shop, on Twitter, Facebook, I’m everywhere. 😀