At Designed To A Tee, my first love is page layout. I was told, when I studied design 30 some odd years ago, that print was dead and I was stupid for considering it for a career choice. Boy. Were they wrong!

So I’ve done paper layout. And I’ve done digital layout. And both are still necessary in today’s world!


A site map for the then Northern Ireland Science Park, now Catalyst.  Even though I made it about 10 years ago, it’s pretty much still how Catalyst looks!

A pop-up for the Soul Sisters to use at conventions. It’s the largest thing I’ve ever created!

Purple and white image with a purple oval at top saying 'Soul Sisters' and the image of a feather.

Text on black background saying Natasha Green with a date of a previous Boot Camp
White on red advertisement for a law firm

Two advertisements that were placed online. There were really restrictive file and image sizes, so not much difference between their visual design.