We Are Very Excited Here in TeeVille

in about 5 days my mother arrives for a nice long visit. We are planning lots of fun activities along with some organizing the house stuff that she will Adam wrangle during.

The original purpose of the timing of her visit was so she could Adam wrangle while I packed, thinking that we were moving the end of the month. As we have not found a place to live, that is not to be. But we are still doing a major clear out and I will get some of that done while she’s here. I mean, Adam’s 2, maybe it’s time to get ride of my maternity clothes?

Since her basic premise for coming was Adam wrangling, my step-dad decided to not come with her. So Pops is staying home, playing golf, probably reading a lot and eating things he’s not suppose to while Grandma comes to play. We’ll miss him, of course. But I think he will enjoy it. Especially the eating things he’s not suppose to part. Grandma is very strict! 🙂

This, BTW, is my mother: –
2010 february shelley

Isn’t she gorgeous? And, in case you’re wondering, she was 71 in March. This picture was taken last year when she was 70.

As I said at the time, did I get good genes or what?!?!

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