To Play Pen or Not To Play Pen, That Is The Question…

and the answer? Was To Play Pen.

It will be  nearly impossible to baby proof our flat.  We have no storage room, all the closets are stuffed full (albeit they need to be organized, which is going to happen) and its not like we have a loft or a garage.  So all breakables have to stay where they are.  So we need somewhere to put a soon to be crawling little boy.

And so we bought a play pen.  Its fairly large, so he’s got quite a bit of room to move around.  Its got a padded bottom and very high sides, so he’s very safe.

And so far? He loves it.  He’s always been fairly good about playing by himself, sitting in his bouncy seat or his disco saucer.  This just gives him a another place, with less restriction of movement than those two things.

Also, those two things are only suppose to be used until he is about 1, or at least until he’s mobile and climbing.  The play pen is good until he’s about 2.

So we’ve play penned.  And I’m very happy about it!

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