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been really busy doing things to get the company, the name of which is Designed To A Tee, in case you missed it, set up.  Meetings with solicitors, seminars on taxation.  All that fun stuff.

And this weekend we are heading up to Derry to celebrate my in-law’s 40th wedding anniversary.  SIL and family are coming in from London so both grandkids will be there!

We are hoping Adam watches his cousin and decides to try this crawling thing!

Did I mention?  He can sit up!!

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  1. Yay Adam!!!

    While in Derry, say hi to the ghosts of some of my more recent ancestors. That’s where my great-grandparents came from and my uncle says there are many family members in the cemeteries there. Don’t know about anyone living though. Lamont is the clan name 🙂

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