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A Big Day For A Little Boy

Adam turns 3 on Monday and today we celebrated his birthday. He helped me decorate his cake:


And he opened his presents. Granny and Grandpa were here to see, although they didn’t get to see much as once Adam opened Buzz Lightyear from Aunty and Uncle…that was it for awhile!

His gifts included trains and tracks:

Trains for my birthday

And then a trip to the toy store:

Trip to the toy store

Where he picked out this as his gift from Mummy and Daddy:

BIG Truck!

Amazingly, he’s been playing with all of his new toys equally and having a blast. His trains go for a ride on his big truck, Buzz Lightyear helps run the trains on the tracks and everything plays together so very nicely.

Monday he’ll take cupcakes to school and wear a ‘I’m 3!’ badge.

And that’s him. Another year older.

My baby!!!!

4 thoughts on “A Big Day For A Little Boy

  1. Love the truck:O)

  2. It’s gigantic Grandma! He can ride it!

  3. awwww sounds like he had a lovely day!! Glad he liked all his toys. Have to say I am seriously impressed by the cake. I am half considering making one for the kids’ birthdays but I am terrible at baking. Feel like I need to do it as a “proper” mummy 🙂

  4. He *loves* that Buzz Lightyear, Anna. Did your son actually sign the card?!?!

    The cake was, unfortunately, very dense, but tasty.

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