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It’s a banner day here at Tee’s Blog…

I have 5 whole followers! I love you all!

Yes, I’ve been drinking. And trying to ignore Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on the TV. I thought the book was over rated. The film is not much better. Simon is, maybe enjoying it.

Sorry. I’m suppose to be political now, right?

Well, I’m pissed as hell that Obama has said the US won’t boycott Russian Olympics. Fuck off.

I’m none too happy that parades in Belfast always end in violence these days. Fuck off.

I’m just, in general, kinda angry at the world tonight. Fuck off.

In other news, Adam’s new nose spray seems to be easing his snoring. No snoring will, hopefully, mean a better nights sleep and no adenoid removal surgery in his future. It does mean, however, that he’s harder to hear on the monitor.

I should probably get to bed.

Fuck off.

2 thoughts on “It’s a banner day here at Tee’s Blog…

  1. Stephen Fry’s idea that the Russians should be banned from their own Olympics is The Best Idea Ever.

  2. So happy to be one of your “loyal gang of 5!” I suppose I should introduce myself. My name’s Joshua, and I’m a student at University in Utah in the US. Doing my senior research project on the effects of sectarian conflict and peace periods on sexual minorities. Ill be living in belfast from December to May and came across your blog as an ex-pat in NI.

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