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Letter To My Son – Adam – 19, er um, 20..No That’s Not Right Either…21 Months Old

Dear Adam

Um. Yeah. Mama fell behind. Nothing to say except I’m sorry and I’ll try to do better in the future.

You have done so many things in the last 3 months that I couldn’t possibly list them all. You walk. You babble constantly, maybe not in English, but Daddy and I are beginning to be able to understand you anyway.

You have also hit the ‘terrible twos’ a few months early. Your tantrums are legendary and include hitting and throwing things. Both of these things get you put right into your playpen, which you hate now. Sometimes you have to be in there so you’re out of Mama’s way and you cry the whole time. Too confining!

You’ve also been ill again.  You had a very bad D&V bug that took us to A&E and then more lung issues. Mama is 99.9% sure they are going to diagnose you with asthma soon. You’ve been nebulized twice, which you hate, and have your daily inhalers. It’s so hard for Mama and Dada when you cough so much you can’t breath and then throw up. Doesn’t seem to phase you though. You just go about your day, coughing away.

Unfortunately, your sleep has gone by the wayside. Mama is actually writing this at 0242 on a Friday night because you woke up at 0058 and haven’t been able to get back to sleep. You keep coughing as you wander around the front room, not even wanting to sit on Mama’s lap and doze. I get to wake Dada in about 3 hours and then I can get some sleep!

Last week we went to W5 at the Odyssey for the first time. You’re a bit young for it, but you liked playing with the water and a beach ball they have.  And just running around.  Dada and Mama liked it to and we’ll go back for sure.

It’s a few days later now and the actual day that you are 21 months. I’ll try to get this posted before the day is over, but I have pictures in various places I want to add and I have to find time to gather them!

You’re sleeping has gotten better over the last few nights. Mama and Dada finally broke down and bought a humidifier and it is making a world of difference in your sleep. You’ve slept through 5 of the last 6 nights. We’ve had some very early wake ups (0530 yesterday, yawn) and some trouble getting to sleep, but you’ve stayed asleep for at least 8 hours every night except one. I’ve actually had to wake you so we could get going at least twice.

Next step is to get you out of Mama and Dada’s bed and into your own where there is now a regular single bed. I’ve been planning to try to get you to nap there, but you’ve either not napped or fallen asleep in your pram ever since the bed was set up, so far no go! I am hoping to have you in your own room, in your own bed, by the time you are two!

Our other challenge is teeth! You have 4 more front ones making an appearance and then your first molars should be coming soon. The four front ones don’t seem to be hurting, but you are drooling enough to start an ocean!

Mama was beginning to worry about your lack of actual words but then she realized that while you may not speak English, you sure as heck understand it! And apparently that’s the important thing at this point of your life. You can follow simple directions, such as ‘please bring me your bottle’ and the like.  You are also beginning to be able to dress yourself, with some help. Stepping in and out of trousers is getting easier every day. Not some much taking off and putting on shirts!

And then today, for the very first time, in response to Mama saying ‘no, we’re not going up the stairs again, we need to get to the shopping’ you turned around and walked up the City Hall steps all by yourself:

And so you’re off. All by yourself.



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