Its Been A Tough Week

Adam has not been sleeping well.  Staying up way past his bedtime and waking during the night.  I know it is jet lag and he will get passed it, but I am shattered.

Because I am so tired I’ve been having fibro flares.  So we’ve spent a few days playing inside when we probably would have normally taken a walk at least.

Today, for example, he spent about an hour playing on his pay mat. I put about 10 toys in there with him, including his Christmas ones, as the box I shipped from the States arrived today.  And what does he play with? The ribbon hanging off the arch that holds the toys! Babies!!

Another thing that I forgot to mention is that my sister found my baby blanket.  I remember giving it to her when her oldest daughter was born and saying ‘I’ll never want this back.’  I called her a few weeks before the trip and said ‘I want it back!’  She wasn’t sure where it was, but she found it and gave it to me when we were there.

My Nana, my dad’s mom, made me that blanket over 40 years ago now.  My mom remembers asking her to make it from cotton yarn, so she could wash it, but my Nana insisted on making it out of wool so it would last.  I had horrible eczema when I was a baby, so wool was bad, but the blanket looks as good as it did the day my Nana gave it to me.  Although Adam also has eczema, so he won’t really get to use it either.  Also, it has a huge girl on it!  At least its blue!  So it is living on the back of the rocking chair.  It may go on the bottom of his bed some day, but since it has a girl on it? Probably not!

I’m still happy to have it, though.

I’m dying to talk about what I am doing for my mom’s 70th birthday in March.  But she reads this.  So y’all will just have to wonder along with her.  I’m so mean…

The good news is Adam went down only about 45 minutes late tonight.  It has been getting closer and closer to his bedtime each night.  So hopefully he’ll go down on time tomorrow. And stay down.

Except tomorrow? We move him to his own room…

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  1. One of my friends from high school had a baby shortly after we graduated (not unusual, some people were pregnant -when- we graduated) and when the baby was about 9 months old took her over to see my Mom. My mother proceeded to open the doors of the kitchen cabinet and pull out some pots, pans, jar lids and so on. The baby was *thrilled* and played like a maniac with them.

    My friend looked at my mother and said (jokingly): “I hate you. We spent [a large amount] on her for Christmas and she’s having -way- more fun with the stuff you pulled out.”

    So, yeah, “Babies!” 😉

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