I Need To Have A Good Whinge

First of all, let me once again note that my son is an awesome sleeper at night.  He goes down with minimal fuss and sleeps more or less through the night now, at nearly 10 months of age.

But naps. Oy!  You would think he is expecting a call from President Obama the way he fights napping.  Most days he eventually gets there, for 30 – 45 minutes in the morning and sometimes as long as 2 hours in the afternoon.  But getting him there can take, literally, hours.

And its during those hours that I get the most frustrated.  That I need a break the most.  That I wish I had family closer so I could ring them and say ‘He won’t nap.  Can you come look after him for 30 minutes so I can pee/shower/fold some laundry/have a full cup of coffee?’  I often IM my mum to tell her I’m putting stamps on his butt and sending him to her on days like that.

But oh, to actually have her near by!  I am envious of people who have family near by.

My mum is coming to visit the first two weeks of June, so she’ll be here for Adam’s first birthday.

And for at least one morning? I’m handing him over and walking out the door!

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