Highlights Of A Trip To California…

Maybe in chronological order.  Maybe not…

Walking out the front door of our building to see snow.  We had never looked out the window!

Finding out later that we basically got the last on time flight out of Belfast.  Storm of the decade and I missed it!

Adam meeting his cousin for the first time.


Going to the wrong terminal at Heathrow and having to haul everything onto the train to get to the right one.

Waiting in line for 2 hours to check in at United in London.  And then getting through security in less than 10 minutes.

Getting the bulkhead on the flight.

Adam sleeping and playing and eating on the plane with almost no fussing.

Dozing on the plane thinking to myself ‘Simon hasn’t met Aunt T, has he met S & C?  When would he have met S & C…you moron they were at your wedding!’

The look on the face of the Immigration officer at SFO when I told her, no, we weren’t returning from holiday, we were on holiday.  Apparently no American lives anywhere but America.

Adam being snatched from my arms by my mother, who actually forgot to  say hello to me!


The big hugs I got from my nieces.

The big hug I got from my sister in law.

My sister in law saying to my mom ‘Okay, I’ve been really patient…gimme that baby!’


My older niece holding Adam.  My younger niece being a bit wary.


Waking Simon at 330 am the first night, in tears, because Adam wouldn’t sleep for more than an hour at a time and I had hit my limit.  I was so grateful for our two adjoining rooms.

Shopping at Target with my mom.  Oh how I’ve missed Target!

Shopping at Target again with my SIL and, just like old times, talking so much it took 3 times as long as it should!

Adam’s first taste of apple sauce, which led to him coughing, it coming out his nose and him throwing up on my brother’s hardwood floor.  Better than on the carpet!

My nieces in the dresses Simon and I gave them for Christmas.

SDC10845 SDC10840

Adam opening a Christmas present.

Adam opening present

Oakland Zoo.


California Pizza Kitchen.  ‘Nough said.

Peets Coffee.  Also ‘nough said.

Gripping hands with my sister in law as we had our pedicures while the nail techs did the bottom of our feet with the scrubby brush. Tickled.So.Bad.

Wandering into Old Navy to see jeans on sale for $15.  Calling my husband, who was having a boys day with my brother, Adam and my step dad while we girls shopped, to find out what size jeans he was wearing.  Being told, in no uncertain terms, that he and my brother would not pop into the loo to check the label for me.

Bra shopping with my mom.  Just like when I was a teenager. 🙂

Macy’s.  Once again, ‘nough said.

Saying good bye to my girls while we all cried.

Checking into SFO 4 hours early.  No line at United, through Security in 10 minutes (even after the Christmas Day incident!).

Shopping at SFO and finding out that the amenities are actually better on the domestic side of the terminal.

Getting the bulkhead again.

Looking a Flight Attendant right in the eye and saying ‘Of course its an FAA approve car seat and says so on the side!’

Adam falling asleep 10 minutes before we took off from SFO and waking up an hour outside London.

Getting through Immigration at Heathrow before my British citizen husband and son, thanks to a new line for permanent Visa holders.

Getting to our flat and putting Adam in his bouncy chair so we could get sorted.  He was so happy to get home, be out of his car seat and in his chair he just bounced and giggled for about an hour.

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