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You’re Damn Right Their Lives Are Ruined

and it’s no one’s fault but their own.

Oh wait…and their parents.

And their teachers.

And coaches.

And anyone else who influenced their lives and never said to them “silence does not equal consent” and “drunk is not a free pass” and “so you can throw a freakin’ ball, so what?”

You know who else’s life is ruined? That girl’s. And any other girl they may have done this too that has never been found out.

I am not and have never been a radical feminist and I never will be.

But I am fucking sick and tired of rape culture and victim blaming.

I am fucking sick and tired of the belief that being able to throw or kick or whatever a fucking ball makes you a hero.

It doesn’t. It makes you someone who can kick or throw or whatever a fucking ball.

Real heroes don’t rape girls and post the pictures on the internet.

Real heroes stop the people doing what those boys did.

I wonder where that poor girl’s heroes where that night. Apparently that town doesn’t have even one.

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