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The Saga of the Flat

So Simon and I are getting ready to move.  We’ve been looking for a 3 bedroom flat in Belfast, to upgrade from our tiny little 2 bed.

Just before Christmas a few flats came up on Propertynews  and we figured no one would look at them before Christmas, so we waited and called as soon as we got home from our Christmas at Simon’s parents.

We went to see one flat, number 604.  Only when we got there, 604’s keys were not with the estate agent, so we saw 606 instead, which was ‘exactly the same’, but already had a let agreed.  We loved it.  3 big bedrooms, large lounge, the kitchen I practically dream of, DISHWASHER!!!  So when can we see 604?  Monday.  Great, here’s our application and fee.  So I tell boss I’ll be in late Monday so I can see flat.

Get there Monday, still don’t have the keys for 604, do you want to see 606 again? Sure.  So we saw it again, with another bloke who was interested in it, only he needed to bring his partner back to see it also.  So when can we see 604? Tuesday.  For sure? We’ll call you to confirm, but pretty much yes.

I get to work, tell boss I need to be in late again Tuesday.

Tuesday, we’re waiting for the Estate Agent when he calls Simon to tell him he still doesn’t have the keys to 604.  We’ll call you.

Robyn has a hissy fit in the middle of the street.  Just *so* typically Belfast.

Thursday, Simon gets a call.  Application has been accepted, only landlady has decided to let flat to her brother.  But 606 is *still* available.

We go see it again.  We still love it.  We wrote them a cheque.

We move in 2nd February 2008.

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