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Still Working on the in Depth Post

But I thought I’d come over and ramble for a bit while I am still working on that one.

So, as previously mentioned, yesterday was our board meetings at work.  We had 3 boards and 1 committee meeting.  9:15am until about 4:15pm.

What went wrong:

Caterers forgot about the meeting, so we had no lunch.  Had to order from a local sandwich place.  Which ran 30 minutes late.  Which pissed off the Chairman, who more or less yelled at me.

Discovered that my numbering went wacky in one set of papers so we jumped from agenda item 5.9 to agenda item 5.3.  I hate hate hate Word’s numbering feature.  It totally sucks.  Also, once again proving, if you read something enough you miss things.  CEO probably would have caught it in his final read through, but he was in Spain when we were doing the papers.

One person is a member of only one of the boards, so came in about 2:30 to join the last meeting.  So we get to the end of the Agenda and he says “I have an AOB (any other business)” and proceeds to lead a discussion, which was important, for about 20 minutes.  The rest of us were like COME ON!! We’ve been in here all friggin’ day!

For the first time I took minutes on a laptop…so.much.easier.

Now I have to write the actual minutes.  Takes about a day for each board meeting.  So 4 more days and we can wrap these meetings up for another  month.

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