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Letter to My Son – Adam – 16 Months Old

Dear Adam

Yes.  This is late this month.  By quite a few days.

Why?  2 reasons: –

  1. Mama has been very busy with you and work and the house and things; and
  2. Mama feels like she’s been rushing these in order to get them up on your day, rather than take her time and really write what she wants to write.

So this month, she is taking her time.  And it will be late.  I’m sure you’ll forgive me. 🙂

You have changed so much in the past month.  You’ve gone from being my baby to being my toddler.  You walk.  You ‘tell stories’ in babble speech.  You play games with your toys.  You have tantrums.


Right now, as I write this, you are playing on the floor in front of the computer.  You’ve been entertaining yourself for about 15 minutes, tapping a bit of plastic on various things and listening to how they sound.  You did the floor, the window and the coffee table.  3 taps and move on.  Very scientific!

You have become very stubborn.  Mama and Dada are trying to get you to drink milk out of a sippy cup, rather than a bottle.  Water you drink no problem and, in fact, seem to like drinking that way.  But milk?  Not happening.  Even if it is time for milk, such as mid afternoon, and you are wanting it very very badly, you will not drink it out of a sippy cup.  You’d rather skip your milk (which you love) than drink out of that evil evil cup.  Mama will win this battle.  It’s just a matter of when!

Your sleep is still not great.  Napping practically doesn’t happen at all, unless you fall asleep in your stroller and stay that way once we’re home or if Mama or Dada has time for you to sleep in their arms.  Daycare says you fall asleep in a bouncy chair for them, but Mama has tried and it’s not worked.

Nights are slowly getting back to normal.  You settle much easier most nights than you have been.  Unfortunately you haven’t been sleeping through.  You wake somewhere between 10 and 4 and will not go back to sleep unless Dada or I bring you into bed with us.  This is fine for getting more sleep for all but certainly not ideal.

Speaking of daycare, you are thriving there, finally.  Just as Mama was thinking about pulling you out you started to enjoy it.  Now you cry only when Mama comes to get you.  We aren’t sure if it’s because you missed her or because you’re disappointed you have to stop playing! In fact, starting in November you will be going all day on Monday’s!

Mama, you see, has picked up another client and really needs a bit more time to get everything done. So Dada and I talked about it and decided one full day and one half day a week would be ideal.  And so it shall be.

This month you had your first haircut.

Adam's first haircut at 15 months

And did I mention the walking?

You’re getting better at it every day.  It really is amazing to watch.  Mama thinks there will be running before too long.

And then she’ll have to remember these wise words:

“Small boys are like dogs.  They need one good run every day.”



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