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Letter To My Son – Adam – 15 Months Old

Dear Adam

Yes, yes, Mama is late with this newsletter this month.  Why?  Well, gee maybe because a certain young man has been sick with one thing or another for pretty much 3 months.  And the last 2 weeks have been the worse.  Even worse than the chicken pox.

Since May you have had:

  • Chicken  Pox
  • Surgery
  • Ear Infection
  • Ear and chest infection
  • ear and chest infection
  • viral infection with a highish fever

Mama and Dada are exhausted, as are you, since you can’t seem to sleep through the night right now.  Mama thinks you fall asleep fine and then your nose gets stuffed up and you just can’t clear it, so you wake up and cry and can’t resettle yourself.  Mama has been cursing the people who took Medised off the market for under 8s.  Not because it was deemed dangerous for younger kids, but because parents were abusing it, giving it to well babies just so they’d sleep.

So there is nothing Mama can give you to dry up your nose.  Nothing but essential oils and other crap that just isn’t working.

This too shall pass.  This too shall pass.

So, what have you been up to this month? Well, you surprised Dada and Mama when you picked up your comb and combed your hair! And, in even bigger news, you are now sleeping in PJs and a duvet rather than a sleeping bag.  You managed to kick  your way out of your sleeping bag twice, so Mama changed you.  You having been sleeping a bit better since then.  Not a whole lot. But a bit!

Your teeth are coming in in droves, although only on the top. Mama thinks she sees one poking through on the bottom, but she isn’t sure!

Your walking is coming along slowly, but surely.  And you actually, finally settled into daycare.  And then you missed two weeks being sick.  You’re going back tomorrow, though.

You can point to your nose and your belly.  And say Mama.  When you feel like it!

Mostly you’re just getting taller and bigger a little bit every day.

And Mama loves you more and more every day.



PS No pictures this month because I haven’t had time to download them from the camera.  Maybe I’ll add them later!!!

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