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I’m Not Doing Very Well…

Adam has been having nightmares, which he seems to sleep through, but once I hear one I can’t resettle to sleep until I’m sure he’s moved through it so I wind up awake for at least 20 minutes, sometimes an hour.

We think something is going on at his daycare, although they say there isn’t. He’s only there for 5 more sessions and then it’s child minder and school so we’re just going to plow through.

Anyway, lack of sleep is making me sore and grumpy and not feeling like doing anything except sleep and eat. Really great for the eating plan, no?

So there you go. Now you know why no updates.

Hopefully I’ll get some sleep this weekend.

1 thought on “I’m Not Doing Very Well…

  1. That ominous “something” is quite scary, I hope it all works out!

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