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What I Did Today

Pic from Ikea

I went to Ikea, is what I did today.

Pic from Ikea
I bought a few things.

On that cart are various bits and pieces, table tops and legs, chairs and storage to be turned into my ‘studio’.

I put studio in quotes because it isn’t going to be an actual room in the house, but an area of our dining room, against our back wall, which is glass and looks out over our back garden.

Our dining table will have to move just a tiny bit out and down (it’s hard to explain) but I have measure twice and shopped once (heh) and I’m sure it will all fit!

So tomorrow the nice Ikea delivery people will be bringing the table top, the legs, two storage units (Kallax, 4 cubes each) and a new comfy chair (in deep pink!) and I shall turn that end of our dining room into my studio.

I’ll still probably knit sitting on the sofa. And I definitely still use our dining table for laying out patterns.

But I soon will have 200cm long and 60 cm wide for my sewing machine and my yarn winder and really? Anything else that strikes my fancy.

More pictures when it’s done!

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