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Letter to My Son – Adam – 17 18 Months

Dear Adam

Yeah.  Okay.  So today as I start to write this you are 17.5 months.  Mummy’s late again.  She’s sorry.

And by the time I got back to it, you were nearly 18 months.  As of, well, tomorrow.  Sorry again.

Why is she late?  No time again.  You’ve been ill, again.  You’ve pretty much been ill for 6 months.  No wonder you’re sleeping like crap.  I doubt you even know what feeling well is like.  Poor wee boy.  Right now as I type this you’ve got a double ear infection and a red throat.  Oh how you hate having your throat looked at.

Now you  have inhalers which you hate.  And had to use a nebulizer at the GP’s.  Which you despised.  It’s not been a great month for you.

Although lot’s of good stuff has happened.  You’ve definitely found your feet.  You now own a pair of proper shoes.  You’re attending daycare a full day and half day a week.  You’re adding to your vocabulary.

Adam at Clarks

You and mummy go for walks at City Hall:

Adam takes a walk

You’re thinking about climbing up on things.  In fact Daddy said you actually tried to get up on Mama and Dada’s bed yesterday, but couldn’t quite figure it out.  I keep recommending you get up on a sofa, because they are lower, but you seem to really want to be on the bed!

Which reminds me of watching your cousin, I think it was Sara, leaping up and grabbing the sheets on her Mama and Dada’s bed, to pull herself up.  You should try that.

You are getting very good at asking for what you want, by pointing.  And you have about 6 words.

Mama is going to measure you tomorrow but she knows you weigh 26 pounds as of last week.  And your belly is disappearing so your trousers don’t stay up!  You are beginning to be shaped in a cross between your Uncle Jeff and your Dada when they were your age.  Tall and skinny, with all your height in your torso.  Makes it very hard to buy you clothes when you are 2T from the waist up and 18 months from the waist down!

And it’s nearly Christmas.  Granny Grace and Grandpa Tom will be here for that.  And then 2 weeks later Grandma and Pops with the dark hair will be here to see you.  We are not letting Grandma out of our sight this time, no side trips to London to get ill!

So it’s been a busy, if not well, time my small boy.

And Mama had better post this before you wake up from your nap.  Or you may be 19 months before she does…



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