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Letter To My Son – Adam – 13 Months Old

Dear Adam

Today you are 13 months.

The Saga Of The Lump is finally over.  You have a scar under your left arm that is approximately 7 cms long.  The swelling is almost gone and for the first time in over a year your left side has no lump.  It feels very strange to Dada and I, I must say!

Grandma and Pops came to visit for your 1st birthday.  Unfortunately, before that day actually arrived, Grandma found herself in the hospital in London and never made it back to Belfast.

But you had fun while she was here: –


In the last few months you’ve had chicken pox, a cold, surgery and a tummy bug.  This means your sleeping has gone to pot.  Mama doesn’t think you’ve slept through the night in about 2 months, except occasionally.  She is asking very nicely for that to be over.  Thanks.

You are now a real standing boy, BTW.  Holding on, hands free, a few little steps.  Crawling has not happened, although you do manage to get around, between bum shuffling and sort of scooting.  Mama will try to get it on video!

Finally, you’ve started settling in at day care.  The first few days were fine, the 4th one you were a bit hysterical.  But we’ll get you there and I think you are going to have  a lot of fun while there.  The baby room is just a big room full of toys!  So you’ll get to play play play! How can that be bad?

And finally…you, my son, are 28 pounds and 31 inches tall.  That’s the 91st centile for both.  So you’re already about the size of a 2 year old.  Mama is already envisioning buying your P1 uniform in a size for a 6th Former.



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Letter To My Son – Adam – 12 Months Old

Dear Adam

This has been the fastest and bestest (sic) year of Mama and Daddy’s life.  One year ago yesterday, at 1036am you entered the world, squalling and peeing on me.


As everyone knows, you spent the first nine days in SCBU getting your breathing straightened out.


Daddy and I were so happy when you finally got to come home.
Adam brought into the house

But then, tragedy struck….you fell out of Mama’s arms at 3 weeks and spent two more nights in the hospital with a concussion and what turned out to be broken ribs.  This led to the Saga of The Lump which is still not concluded as of this writing, although you have a new surgery date of 21st June.

And then you began to develop and Daddy and Mama looked on with glee as you smiled, and rolled over and sat up and stood.  Now you’re cruising and getting ready to walk all by yourself.

And all through it, you’ve made Mama and Daddy laugh with your antics and how pleased  you are with yourself when you learn something new.

Your favourite things are: –

  • Bouncing.  You bounce on the bed.  You bounce in your cot.  You bounce in your playpen just using your knees and your bottom.
  • When Daddy swings you around in the air.
  • When Mama sings the Adam song during nappy changes. “A is for Adam, he is a little boy.  A is for Adam, he likes to play with toys.  A is for Adam, my lovely baby son! Adam Adam Adam’s number 1!!!!!” to the tune of ‘C is for Cookie’.
  • Ducks.  All sorts of ducks.  In the bath.  To play with during nappy changes.  Sitting on Mama’s lap.

And your next adventure starts in just under a month when you begin at daycare two half days a week.

Mama is so excited for you and kinda sad.  Its time for you to go off and have adventures without her.  And she knows you’re going to have fun.  But she’s going to miss you.

Happy Birthday my lovely son.


Adam Adam Adam’s Now One!

I love you


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Letter to My Son – Adam – 11 Months Old

Dear Adam

Well, I was hoping to start this letter with the words ‘and The Lump is gone’  but it was not to be. We got to the hospital yesterday to find out that your surgeon was out because his daughter was very ill.  The surgeon that was covering was not comfortable removing The Lump since he wasn’t familiar with the case.  You are, theoretically on the top of the cancellation list and should, hopefully, be able to have it done in just a few weeks.  Mummy and Daddy will be ringing a lot to make sure that happens.

Otherwise, its been a fairly busy month.  We spent a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s for their 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Your aunt, uncle and cousin were there as well: –

Adam, did I tell you about the time...

snuggly grandpa Grandma snuggles

Daddy and I were hoping seeing your cousin crawling would inspire you, but no such luck.  Although you have been trying to pull yourself up on things.  Mummy and Daddy think you may skip crawling all together and go right to cruising around.

You’ve also this month taken to shaking your head no, but just because its fun.  You don’t actually seem to be saying no!

But of course the most exciting thing this past month is this: –



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Letter To My Son – Adam – 10 Months Old

Dear Adam

My goodness, 10 months already.  Not too far off a year, my son!

This past month you have been developing like crazy.  You can stand, if you hold on.

Now here I look like my daddy!

You can slide backwards and will crawl soon.

You have started to clap and play peek a boo with your blue blankey.

And you have 4 teeth and possible 5, 6 and 7 coming in!

You sit up nice and tall and can twist down onto your tummy.

See? Sitting.

I forgot to mention a milestone last month; the new notebook!  You see, when you came home from SCBU there were 3 of us taking care of you, Mummy, Daddy and Grandma.  It was making Mummy nuts that no one could remember what time your bottle was made, and they are only good for 2 hours, or how much you had eaten.  So she started a notebook and every time a bottle was made, the time was written down.  And then, after 2 hours, how much of it you had eaten.  Also whether or not you had pooed!!  Anyway, it helped Mummy and Daddy figure out when to increase or decrease your milk.  And when to throw a half full bottle away!

And last month we finished the first book. So sort of a milestone.  9 months of milk records finished.  And not kept.  Mummy may be starting a scrapbook for you, but she thought that was a bit over the top!

Still no word on the surgery to remove The Lump.  But hopefully we will hear soon.

In a few weeks we are going to Grandma and Grandad’s house for their 40th Wedding Anniversary Party.  Aunt A, Uncle J and Cousin A will be there!  Its gonna be!



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Letter To My Son – Adam – 9 Months Old

Dear Adam

9 months today!

This month we have learned to sit up when someone puts us on our bottom: –

I can sit up!

and cut our two top front teeth, although there is no picture because its very hard to get you to show anyone!

We have also learned that you will be having The Lump removed surgically in the next 2 months or so.  At first the surgeon thought it might be treatable with Beta Blockers, but on further review of the ‘films’ (I don’t know why they still call them that, since its all digital now) it has been determined that they still don’t know what it is and its is best cut off.

In other news you have outgrown your Stage 0 car seat and Mummy and Daddy are shopping for a Stage 1.  We think we’ve found it.  Now we just have to buy it!

You’ve been being bathed in the big bathtub for at least the past month, and you love it:

Need more toys!!

Your favourite toy is a measuring cup, but hey! We already had that and don’t have to buy any other bath toys!  Seriously, you do love that bucket, as we call it.  But also like to play with your ducks!

In bad news for Mummy you seem to be dropping your morning nap most days.

And on that note I have to go get you.  As you’ve just woken up.  After 5 minutes.



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Letter to My Son – Adam – 8 Months Old

Dear Adam

Yesterday you were 8 months old and Mummy is sorry she is a day late with this.  Daddy was away this week for 2 nights and you kept Mummy hopping!

You have come on leaps and bounds in the past month.

You talk.  Oh, not in English, but with vowels and consonants and what seem to be sentences that actually mean something.  At least to you.

You move.  Oh, not on all fours in a crawl but you can shift yourself while on your tummy to reach for a toy.  Or Mummy’s glasses.

You stand.  Oh, not on your own, but if someone holds you up, your legs are strong and sure now.  And how you love when Daddy helps you leap into the air!

I can stand, with Daddy's help!

You sleep through.  Oh, not every night, but maybe 4 out of 7?  And of the remaining 3 most of the wake ups are just calls for your dummy.  So only one night a week when Mummy or Daddy  have to actually get you out of bed.  Not too shabby.

You eat solid food.  Oh, not by yourself, with mummy or daddy’s help.  But sometimes you try.  That’s fun for them!

When I feed myself...

No, you still don’t roll from your back to your tummy, but you are so.very.close.  It amazes me that you don’t, that’s how close you are.  It surely takes more energy to roll back to your back than it would to roll that last little bit to your tummy!

We still don’t know what The Lump is as your appointment was cancelled.  But your next appointment is this coming Monday, 15th February and then maybe we’ll know.  And what the doctors intend to do about it.  Its been a long wait.

Daddy and I have discovered that you love being upside down.  Mummy likes to carry you like that, facing out, holding on tight!  You laugh and laugh and laugh.  Daddy likes to lift you by your feet while you’re on the bed.  Full on belly laughs.

Mummy also discovered that your ribs are ticklish!  The one spot she’s found that almost always makes you laugh.

You’re getting so big, my son.  And Mummy is loving watching you learn.



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Letter to My Son – Adam – 7 Months Old

Dear Adam

What a month it has been.

You had your MRI, which went fine.  We get the results in a week.  And we’ll find out what they intend to do about The Lump.  If anything.  I think Daddy is hoping they want to remove it.  I think I am hoping they want to leave it alone and watch it.  But I am not sure if either of us is sure that that’s what we want.

We went to California for Christmas.  10.5 hours on a plane each way and you were the perfect baby during both flights.


You met some of your cousins on this trip.  First your London cousin:


Then your California cousins:


You didn’t sleep too badly in California, but coming home was hard.  It took you almost 2 weeks to get back to going to sleep around 8 and sleeping through.  But you got back there eventually!

Also, Mummy and Daddy moved you into your own room.  As of this writing, you are in your Amby in there, but we’ll be moving you to your cot sooner rather than later, as you are settling fine so far.

Mummy has been trying you on various solid foods.  Baby rice? Huge hit, love it.  Applesauce? Made you choke and throw up.  Twice.  Carrot? Opened mouth and dumped it right out.  Mashed potato? More vomit.  All of those (well, except the first applesauce) were home made.  So what did you like?  Store bought apple/banana.  You gobbled that right.up.  Guess mummy will give up on the home made for awhile and start buying some jars!!

You are so big now that we had to retire your 0 – 6 month sleeper bags and buy some 9 – 18 month ones.  And you’ve only got about 4 or 5 inches to go in those! You are, I think, going to be taller than Daddy.

You have been chewing on anything you can get your hands on.  But so far no sign of teeth.  Also lots and lots of drool!  Daddy seems to wipe your face every 2 minutes.  I just let you drool!

Every day you get more interactive and interested in the world around you.  Its so much fun to be with you!



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Letter To My Son – Adam – 6 Months Old

Dear Adam

My goodness, 6 months already?  Mummy is amazed at how fast it has flown by.

And you are developing like crazy.  You can sit up from leaning back against Mummy and do a sort of tummy crunch motion for lying flat on your back: –

And you can sit up if someone puts you into position:


You have shown no new interest in rolling over, however.  You keep looking at me, when I place you on your tummy, and it seems you are saying ‘Look, I’ve done that already.  Can we move on now?’


You’ve started sitting in your high chair and joining Daddy and I for dinner.


Mummy even started you on solid food this past week!

But the very best thing? Is you’ve slept straight through until 7 for 3 days in a row now!  Of course, that will probably change. And change again.  And again….

Next week, on the 16th, is your MRI.  Mummy and Daddy are a little worried, since they have to put you under a general anaesthesia so you’ll be very still during it.  But Mummy is sure you’ll be fine.  Really.

Then just  few days later we get on an airplane!

First we will be in London with your Aunt, Uncle and baby Cousin.

Then we get on another airplane and off we go to California for 10 whole days!  Mummy is so excited!  And Aunt B told me she cannot wait to get her hands on you!!!  Mummy and Daddy hope they’ll be allowed to bring you home. 🙂

Oh and Daddy and I both swear you’ve said ‘Hi!’

But we’re probably delusional.



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Letter to My Son – Adam – 5 Months Old

Dear Adam

Here we are at 5 months.  The time has just flown by and I can’t believe you’re almost half a year old already.

So many developmental changes this past month!  The big one was you rolling over from your tummy to your back.  Surprised the heck out of both of us.  One second you were happily having tummy time on Mummy and Daddy’s bed.  The next you were on your back!  The look on your face was priceless, until you started to cry.  Unfortunately Daddy missed it.  He was indisposed at the time.  Poor Daddy.

Luckily, you’ve done it several times since then:

The other major thing that happened this month was you receiving your US Passport and Statement of Consular Birth Abroad.  These two things tell the world that you are indeed a US Citizen, from birth, no matter that you were not born on US soil.

You are in fact a tri-citizen, entitled to a UK, US and Irish passport.  Daddy and I will let you decide if you need an Irish passport when you are older.  With the UK and the US ones you are set!

Because you got your US Passport in a timely manner we are going to California for Christmas.  Your Grandma and Pops

Adam and Grandma Adam and Pops.

will be there along with your Uncle J, Aunt B and Cousins R & S.  Your other Pops might be there as well!

Other milestones Daddy and I have noticed this month include: –

  • You are trying to sit up.
  • You are beginning to be interested in what Daddy and I are eating.
  • You are starting to be able to put your pacifier into your mouth as well as take it out
  • You like to blow raspberries:
  • You can roll half way over from your back to your side.
  • You are, in general, becoming much more aware of the world around you.

This coming week is the appointment with the Paediatric Surgeon about the lump on your side.  Daddy and I are pretty sure they are going to say ‘well, we won’t be able to tell you anything until we see the MRI’, which you will be having 16th December.

No official weigh and measure this month my son.  But I would bet you’ve gained at least a pound and around an inch.

Growing fast!



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Letter To My Son – Adam – 4 Months Old

Dear Adam

Today you are 4 months old.  I was hoping to say that you managed to stay out of A&E for this entire month but, alas, it is not to be.  You were there just after your second set of jabs to have your lump investigated.  You can read the whole story of that here.

This has been quite the month otherwise as well.  You’ve been laughing up a storm, really starting to sleep through the night and even thinking very hard about rolling over.  Your Daddy and I can just tell!

What we’ve learned this month:

  1. You love sitting up.  The bumbo is great for that: –
  2. SDC10553

  3. You have started drooling.  A lot.  But still no signs of teeth.
  4. If Mummy thinks you are too tired and doesn’t sing to you, you won’t go to sleep until she does.
  5. You hate wearing a hat. Even though you look so cute in one
  6. SDC10557

  7. You can take your dummy out of your mouth.  We are just waiting for you to be able to put it back in!
  8. The best toy in the world? Daddy’s fingers: –
  9. SDC10540

Winter is rapidly moving in here in Belfast, so mummy is getting ready to move you into a more sit up version of your pram.  You see, that version has a warm sleeping bag like thing that attaches to it, so you’ll be very snuggly warm this winter.  Also, you are definitely ready to be able to look around as we go about our day.

Mummy was recently diagnosed to fibromyalgia, so, once again, she has to ask for your patience.  She might not be able to be as active as you as you get older as some mummies can be, since she hurts quite a lot.

But she promises she will always be there to hold you, or pick you up, no matter what.