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So We Saw The House Again Today

and it is officially ours. We move in starting 14th October.

So house. With garden. Some of which is plain old dirt. The owner, who was living there and is now heading back to Tokyo after 15 or so years here in Belfast, told me he had successfully grown melons in it. I told him that I was hoping to do the same.

Except, I know nothing about growing food. I have planted flowers, in planters, on a patio in California and watched them die. Even though I did everything I was suppose to; watered, weeded, talk to. Still died awfully quickly.

So…now I want to plant food. Potatoes maybe. Peas. Beans? Melons? Definitely some herbs would be nice.

I’m not even sure where to start. Maybe the library? ‘How to grow food with no talent and a black thumb’ would be a really useful book right now. Do you think it exists?

So, I’m looking for advice. So far I have been told I should wait a year and see what might still be planted, although the beds look empty, because there might be perennials that will come up in the spring. Perhaps plant in some pots and transfer them if nothing comes up.

So, anyone have any advice for the novice gardener with a black thumb who would like to use this opportunity to save some money, dig in some dirt and teach her son things?

Oh wait. Dig in dirt. That’s means bugs, doesn’t it?

Perhaps this isn’t such a good idea…

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  1. I’d start with herbs, because they’re cheap, relatively easy, and you don’t have to wait quite so long for the rewards. Then maybe add one or tow things each year so you don’t get overwhelmed. Sounds awesome, I’m excited for you!

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