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Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, Get Those Doggies Shopping…SPEND!

Heh, I amuse myself.

Anyway, today Simon and I are going to brave the opening weekend crowds to go to Victoria Square the largest something or other with the most something or other spent in NI.

Half the shops aren’t even open yet, apparently, but will be by June. I mostly want to go to House of Fraser today. I lurve me some House of Fraser. I still think its a little pricey/high class for Belfast, but we’ll see! Donna Karan Tights, here I come!

See, Donna Karan does something no other designer does. They size their tights based on height and hip size. Most companies do it by height and weight. And I am short. And a bit plump (although not as plump as I used to be!). Petite of height, not of width. So having the hip size there, helps tremendously to find the right size! And I adore DKNY anyway, which House of Fraser carries.

Speaking of not being as plump as I used to be, one of my friends at work, Pauline, told me yesterday that her husband Albert had asked her if I was okay. He noticed that I had lost a lot of weight and was thinking I was ill!! Nope, just trying to lose weight, thanks!

Anyway, I’ll let you know how Victoria Square is.

Shopping Shopping Shopping…..

Back now.  No DKNY tights, *pout*.  I guess not one of her women’s fashion House of Fraser’s cuz all I saw was DKNY Jeans for Men and some handbags. Speaking of handbags…HANDBAG NIRVANA!!

1,000 sq ft of that store is *nothing* but handbags.  Every handbag you can imagine? On display at the Belfast House of Fraser.

Also? Biggest Benefit cosmetic counter in Belfast.  I am not sure why we need 3 such cosmetic counters in Belfast (one in Boots, one in Debenhams and now one in House of Fraser) but this one was very nice.  I will still probably use the Boots one, however, as I get points on my Boots card when I buy it there!

Overall its a lovely shopping centre.  Mostly fashion, so nothing for the ‘boys’ as my husband pointed out.  Well, Zavvi, but other than that, nothing.  And we already have a Zavvi on Royal Avenue.  There were rumors of an Apple Store, but it either hasn’t moved in or wasn’t true.

I do think some stores in it are a little high brow for Belfast.  Now, there is a lot of money in certain parts of NI, but for the every day shopper? Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Fossil are going to be out of their league.  Which I think is bad for a shopping centre billing itself as ‘A Renaissance for Belfast.’

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