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Living at Belfast City Centre

Simon and I have a flat in City Centre of Belfast. Our new flat is only one street away from our current flat, so we will still be living in City Centre.

We don’t have a car, so living near the shops is very handy. It takes about a 5 minute walk to get to our local Tesco and all of the other High Street Shops that we like.

A lot of people ask if we live down here because we enjoy the pubs and other nightlife, and we do. But we don’t go out every week or even every month. We are very much stay at home people. When we do go out, we enjoy it, we just don’t go out very much!

What I like about City Centre is the atmosphere. The people wandering the streets. The shops. The diversity. From what I can tell its the most diverse area of Belfast.

But don’t quote me on that, as I don’t really go anywhere else other than City Centre very often!

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  1. Thanks for the link – I was out sick today so I’ll link to your site tomorrow.

    I know what you mean – people from home were “so surprised” I moved here to the DC area because I’m not very “political”. There’s a heck of a lot more around here besides politics, yo – there’s crab cakes! And Macy’s! And…uh…what?

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