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How does an American get to Belfast? Practice! (and if you get that joke, you may just be even older than I am)

Seriously, I got to Belfast because my wonderful husband Simon is a native of Northern Ireland. He was born in Coleraine, raised in Castle Rock, lives now in Belfast (obviously, since we live together. Soon to be in a NEW FLAT!! (more on that in the coming weeks)).

So how did I meet this Northern Irish man of mine? On the world wide web, of course. No, not a dating site. Actually a site about the Joss Whedon TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer…….(I’m waiting for the laughing to die down)…..(done yet?)…..

So, anyway, we started ‘chatting’ on the posting board.  Then we started chatting in IM.  Then 9/11 happened.  And Simon ran to the message board and posted a message that calmed everyone down.  About how it happens, how its been happening in his home country for 30 years.  And they had survived and so would the US.  And I fell in love.

3 years later I moved to Belfast. A year after that we were married, in City Hall.

And that’s how an American gets to Belfast.  And lots and lots of practice. 🙂

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::hangs new curtains::

So, this is my blog.

My first real blog. I have had a LiveJournal for about a cabillion (it is too a number) years (RLeyser)(Yes, it is in my maiden name. Deal with it). And I imagine I’ll keep LJ for awhile as it is good for friends only ranting.

But this, this will be my true blog. My blog about being an American in Belfast.

Now, I’ve been an American in Belfast for over 4 years now. But I still have moments of OMG I’M AN AMERICAN IN BELFAST!! So I’ll write about those. And about anything that strikes my fancy.

I rant a lot in my head. Maybe its time to rant about it on the web!